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Pests we control

The first step in effective pest control is to know what you're dealing with.

AAA Pest Control Services Ltd can quickly and accurately identify the type of pest or infestation and provide appropriate solutions, applied by our PROMPT & NPTA registered technicians.

Any unidentifiable insects can be collected and sent to our laboratory for an accurate identification with a full report available within a week.

rodent control

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Rats & Mice

Rats & Mice are the most well known of pests and are known to wreak havoc by chewing through electrical cables, food stuffs, packaging, raw materials and boxed goods, spreading disease, and breeding often over populating the environment they are inhabiting.

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While they may appear soft, fluffy and harmless, the common grey squirrel is, nonetheless, a nuisance pest. They can cause serious damage to property and, like rats, play host to a number of serious diseases that pose a health risk to the public.

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Moles are major pests destroying lawns, golf courses, and parks with burrows and earth mounds. As well as disturbing the root systems of many plants and creating underground travel lanes for other small mammals, (most notably the mouse).

BIRd control

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Netting, Proofing & Spiking

Safe, humane and effective deterrents are used to prevent habituation of a variety of nuisance bird species without harm. Netting is one of the most popular methods, whilst spiking deters birds from gathering in certain areas.

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Solar Panel Proofing

Solar panels provide an exceptionally easy and accessible place for pigeons and other birds too to be able to nest. By Bird Proofing your Solar Panels, you can protect your Solar Panels and your Green Energy Investment.

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Falconry & Hawking

An entirely natural solution to deter pest birds, using specially trained birds of prey. A perfect solution when more traditional methods aren't suitable due to access or scale in places such as stadiums or open public spaces.

insect control

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Flying Insects

From sprays to electrical 'zappers' or in some cases, hive or nest removal and relocation. AAA Pest Control provide an indepth solution and continued plan of action to help you control or eradicate flying insect issues.

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Crawling Insects

Crawling Insects can carry and spread disease. Certain infestations such as cockroach infestations are among the most serious in British homes. What makes them even more of a problem is their prolific reproduction rate.

Commercial Contract, Manchester.

"Treated a wasp nest under my conservatory and 2 hours later wasps completely gone. I would highly recommend this company."
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