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domestic services

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We understand that nobody wants unwanted guests in their home. AAA Pest Control Services Ltd have the experience and expertise to deal with pest problems quickly and efficiently so you can go back to enjoying your home.

We understand it can be quite an upsetting experience to encounter pests in your home. If you're reading this then it is likely that the problem will have already developed so we will get to you the same day, if possible, and get the situation under control as quickly as we can.

There are no hidden extras - the price we quote will be the price you pay.


Our technician will visit your home and perform a detailed inspection of the situation and provide a report of what is needed to resolve the issue and a quotation.

Commercial services

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We currently provide pest control services for a range of commercial customers. In the current economic climate, it is understandable that businesses are looking to reduce their outgoings without cutting the service, quallity or due diligence that they provide to their clientele.

More and more companies are requesting that their suppliers have a pest control contract in place to meet their due diligence requirements. It has been known for companies that find themselves with a pest problem to insist that the problem originated with a supplier bringing infested goods.


If a supplier has a pest management service in place, it can easily determine whether the supplier has an infestation and provide copies of regular report sheets to assure the premises are protected and pest free.


Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need a pest control company or can I do it myself?
    There are many products available for amateur/diy use however, this can have an adverse effect if insufficient amounts are used or incorrect application. Often you may believe a cheaper option will work best, however there are occasions where the issue is worse than first thought and this may lead to continual pest issues or worse. We believe it is best to be treated by professionals and have the job done correctly first time round.
  • Do you deal with Bees?
    We would prefer to leave Bees whenever possible as they have declined over the years and are beneficial to the environment and planet, even though contrary to public belief, Bees are not legally protected, but it is seen by ourselves and many within the pest management business to be good practice. Bee’s will only sting if heavily provoked, Bumblebees do not grow in large population like Honeybees or Wasps. In most circumstances Bumblebees can be collected safely and relocated and the same goes for Honeybees, we do not charge for Bee work, however we do ask for a minimum donation to one of our chosen charities.
  • Do you guarantee treatments/work?
    To a certain degree yes we do, however most treatments are determined upon environmental surroundings, insect specific, season and whether previous recommendations made have been carried out, this would be discussed during our technician booking process.
  • Are your prices quaranteed?
    Yes the price you are quoted over the phone or email is fixed and guaranteed so there are no increases made when we turn up onsite so you know exactly what you are paying
  • Are your technicians qualified?
    Yes all our technicians are trained to (RSPH) Royal Society of Public Health standard, they are also submitted on the Basis prompt Register which ensures CPD (Continued Development Points) are met, we are also Members of the NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association). Our technicians are also CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checked, as we work in various locations including schools, care homes, prisons and sports centres.
  • Do you work on Commercial properties?
    Yes we provide pest management service contracts which illustrates good due – diligence where regular site visits are made to ensure the work place is a pest free environment and protecting the health of all public within that environment and are site specific to your individual requirements, we also carry out one off treatments against Rodents and Insects where regular checks are required.
  • Do you provide Emergency Call Outs?
    We feel all calls are an emergency as it is a very distressful time and we respond at the earliest time possible there is no heightened price implemented for this.
  • Do you work out of office hours?
    Where necessary yes we can attend at hours to suit our customers which can be determined by shift work etc and a time would be agreed prior to attendance, however we could not provide a same day service in these circumstances as staff would need to be given notice.
  • Do you install Bird proofing and Pigeon waste cleans?
    Yes we provide a range of bird proofing measures including, falconry, netting, spikes and solar panel proofing – prices can be provided following a site survey , we also carry out deep cleans and environmental cleans, again these can be quoted following a site survey.
  • Do you provide drain surveys?
    Yes we can provide CCTV surveys of drains where defects are suspected and in turn allowing Rodent ingress, a video of the survey and a report would be provided with findings and recommendations along with a separate quotation for any works recommended.
  • Do you provide a 24hr service?
    We are contactable 24hrs by means of phone, email and social media sites, if we are unable to answer a call we will respond as soon as possible providing contact details have been left.
  • Do you remove Bats?
    Under no circumstances will we remove bats from their sites as they a protected by law, in the first instance you should contact the Bat Conservation Trust via or Phone 0345 130 0228
  • Do you provide house cleans or loft insulation removal?
    Yes we carry out deep one off house cleans - these require a site survey before providing a quotation. We also provide a removal of loft insulation and environmental clean in roof spaces to remove Rodent droppings etc to eliminate the risk to health of the residents or future workmen, a site survey would need to be carried out for this service, afterwhich a quotation is then provided.
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