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Since 2005, AAA Pest Control Services have offered a range of services, dedicated to providing pest control solutions that last. Below is just some of our services we provide as a PROMPT & NPTA registered member, but if you have a question or cannot find what you are looking for, simply click the contact us button or call us to speak to a trusted member of our team.

Rodent Control

Rodents are the most well known of pests and are often found chewing through  cables, food stuffs, packaging, raw materials, boxed goods and spreading disease or breeding wherever they populate.

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Bird Control

Birds, such as Pigeons or Gulls have been found to contain more detrimental diseases to man than rats, and are one of the largest causes of internal biting insect problems within offices and homes.

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Bug & Insect Control

A high number of detrimental diseases are carried by bugs or insects. Nest building and nursing of young, together with foraging for food often cause issues within the human habitat.

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Domestic Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control
Removals & Cleaning

If left untreated by a professional, domestic pest issues can reach epidemic proportions in very short periods of time, often causing stress, anxiety for occupants of the home and in some cases, damaging posessions and even structural elements.

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From commercial and industrial premises, pests are introduced into buildings through goods or equipment. Often, un-noticed until it is too late, Environmental agencies can be quick to enforce restrictions or fines upon businesses without measures in place.

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Landlords, housing agencies or private home owners often require removal and cleanup operations to remove unsightly or health afflicting refuse classed as environmental hazards containing waste hazardous to humans and animals.

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