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We have created a range of fact sheets to help you deal with the most common pests. You can download fact sheets on ants, flying insects, rodents, bed bugs, fleas and pest proofing.

Please find below links to our fact sheets.

Fact Sheets


There are more than 8000 known species of ants. They differ greatly in the way that they construct their nests, form their colonies and obtain their food. Most ants are beneficial, scavenging on waste material and on other insects. Some, however, are pests and need to be controlled.

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Bed bugs

Bedbugs belong to the family Cimicidae. There are two species that feed on humans, namely Cimex lectularius and Cimex hemipterus, the former being the cause of most domestic complaints and is known as the common bedbug.

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There are around 2500 different species of fleas described worldwide with another 500-awaiting classification. The predominant flea of modern homes in the Western World is Ctenocephalides felis (the cat flea) responsible for around 70% of all flea complaints.

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Flying insects

The need to implement a fly control programme is growing. The increasing use of target specific pesticides, mean that fewer flying insect pests are being controlled by general spray programmes. Pest Control surveys show that flying insects pose a greater risk to food premises than cockroaches, rats and mice combined.

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Rodents pose a threat to people’s health and to health and hygiene in animal husbandry.

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An often underused, but important aspect of pest management is proofing. Thorough proofing to prevent access by pests should be a priority. It is a crucial component of integrated pest management and should be considered before resorting to chemical control.

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